OrgaSan® is an amendment (Vermicompost) resulting from the vermicomposting of already composted sheep manure (= OrgaMass®) by a natural process by which the latter is converted, due to the action of worms, into a 100% organic fertilizer.

 OrgaSan® Technical Data Sheet



OrgaSan® is an amendment/vermicompost (organic fertilizer) resulting from the composting of organic waste by a natural process by which organic residues are converted, due to the action of earthworms (worms), into a 100% organic fertilizer. It is characterized by its natural richness in useful and very active microbial flora, trace elements and natural phyto-hormones.
OrgaSan® has the following properties :
  • Pure and natural ;
  • Soil conditioner ;
  • Good water retention ;
Compared to compost, vermicompost is :
  • Considered 7 times richer than traditional compost ;
  • With a generally higher organic matter content ;
  • Rich in enzymes such as proteases, amylases, lipases, cellulases and chitinases, which continue the degradation of organic matter even once excreted ;
  • Rich in phyto-hormones which facilitate plant growth ;
  • Rich in microbial life and can contain up to 1000 times the microbiological activity of conventional compost.

Additional information


Organic material: 50,0%


●Vegetable crops: 3 Kg/m linear
●Blueberries: 1 à 3 Kg/plant
●Fruit trees: 2 à 5 Kg/plant


25 kg