Respectful of the environment and human health, VERMICOMPOSTING is the result of a 100% natural process as part of an approach to quality, agriculture and sustainable development.

In order to improve the quality of the final product, the manufacturing process of our vermicompost consists of two stages:

    • The first stage is characterized by a rise in temperature with rapid degradation of the organic compounds in the manure and sanitization of the environment. The main advantage of this step is that the temperatures reached during this process are high enough for satisfactory elimination of pathogens. Once the temperature of the pile reaches that of the air, the composted organic matter is transferred to the vermicomposter to begin the vermicomposting process.
    • The second step involves sowing earthworms on a series of layers of compost. The latter constitutes the food source for the earthworms which will transform the compost into vermicompost.

The following diagram generally describes the vermicomposting process adopted:

Diagram illustrating the vermicomposting process

Vermicompost (= Orgasan®) is ready to be used a few months later depending on climatic conditions: It is black, granular, lightweight and humus-rich. The product obtained is more stable, homogeneous, clean and of higher quality.