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Who we are?

GREEN SOLUTIONS, a leading Moroccan company in the development of innovative and sustainable solutions for the agricultural and environmental sectors, operates across the entire Moroccan territory through a multidisciplinary team. Our proximity policy makes it possible to respond effectively to the diverse needs of agricultural exploitation.

Our company is led by a young, dynamic and qualified team who share the conviction of the search for innovative, sustainable solutions that respect the environment and human health which are the guarantee of healthy and profitable agriculture. It is in this same spirit that it organizes and participates in training provided by qualified personnel (PhDs, Engineers and Agricultural Technicians) on the various aspects of modern agriculture as well as on the use of our different products to which are invited our clients.

GREEN SOLUTIONS is deeply committed to environmental preservation, and making it a major concern. As a result, our company initiates and implements projects in the fields of agriculture and the environment, in collaboration with different stakeholders, aimed at helping farmers cope with climatic hazards through better soil management, water and risks.

We hope to continue this adventure together by always participating in the modernization of our agriculture in parallel with continued protection of the environment.