Composting generally takes place in two phases: decomposition and maturation. The starting product consists of organic livestock manure.

OrgaMass® manufacturing process  

The degradation phase allows the hygienization of the compost with a rise in temperature and the easy degradation of the organic matter.

The maturation phase is accompanied by a gradual decrease in temperature with maintaining humidification and a reduction in the volume of the pile: Evaporation of water and volatilization of carbon.

Once the temperature of the pile reaches that of the air, the mature compost is sifted and packaged. Part of this final product is ready to enter the vermicomposting process.

OrgaMass® compost at the end of the composting process

Several points are taken into consideration when checking the compost at the end of composting:

  • pH and salinity level;
  • Relative humidity;
  • Temperature;
  • Ventilation.